Are you planning a solar project in the multi-megawatt range? Then come to CEC Solar

The larger the footprint of a future solar farm, the more complex and extensive the processes required to complete the project quickly, safely, and economically.

CEC Solar is familiar with all the steps involved in the construction of large-scale solar projects. Whether planning, project management, material logistics, construction, or coordination in the individual construction phases.

Our fields of competence

  • Planning of large-scale commercial PV projects
  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Quality management
  • Construction management and coordination
  • Engineering

CEC Solar is committed to acting responsibly. We therefore avoid any business that has a negative impact on people, society or the environment.

>>> to the Code of Conduct of CEC-Solar (PDF-file)

Talk to us about your PV project. The team from CEC Solar is happy to help you

Bjoern Blase, Gründer und Managing director

Björn Blase

Founder and Managing Director

As a project manager for international solar projects, the founder of CEC Solar has years of experience with complex solar installations in the multi-megawatt range.

He was the project manager for the construction of Germany's largest solar park in Weesow, Brandenburg (187 MW - 2020) and realized the first solar power plant on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, with his company SMP Energy Asia.

Heiko Scholz, Managing Partner

Heiko Scholz

CFO I Managing Partner

The technically oriented business economist Heiko Scholz originally comes from the fields of control, electrical and process engineering. He has automated gas, oil and coal-fired power plants around the globe and entered the renewable energy sector through onshore and offshore wind projects.

The founder and long-time CEO of Suatec is an experienced process diagnostician who places great value on building long-term business relationships based on partnership.

He worked for many years as a managing director and management strategist in an international corporate environment. In doing so, he gained a deep understanding of the processes and procedures within the energy industry as well as the supplying industries and developed ways to make them more efficient, meaningful and human.

Adam Plociennik, Project Management

Adam Plociennik

Project Management

Martin Zmuda, Project Management

Marcin Zmuda

Project Management

Christian Balcer, Site Manager

Christian Balcer

Site Manager

Lena Jahn, Account Management Management

Lena Jahn

Office Management

Julija Salkovic, Project Management

Julija Salkovic

Management Assistent